Find the Gaps in Your Document
Management Security & Practices

Why is secure, efficient document management still an elusive goal for many organizations? Accusoft surveyed 100 IT managers and 250 full-time employees to reveal patterns and insights that can help you identify critical process and security gaps within your document management practices.

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Accusoft’s Closing the Document Management Awareness Gap data study sheds light on common document management and security challenges that persist despite your best efforts to streamline processes and protect sensitive information.

Why You Need It

Constantly trying to increase productivity with fewer resources in less time means you may have process inefficiencies and security holes that unnecessarily expose your company to potential data loss or theft. In this 10-page study you’ll discover:

  • The three highest document security risks
  • Major document challenges and frustrations employees face
  • Key areas where you can make improvements

Key findings from the study include:

90 Percent of IT Managers

Even though 90 percent of IT managers report they are confident they have the tools they need to protect their organizations’ documents, 34 percent have had sensitive information compromised due to poor file management practices.

66 Percent of Employees

Employees feel the ramifications of vague document management processes as well, including version sprawl. Sixty-six percent of employees say two to three versions of a document are created before final approval.

20 Percent of Employees

Twenty percent of employees claim they don’t know what document management tools their employer uses.


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